An Aston Martin DB9 Volante has been damaged by T-Pain in Los Angeles after the rapper and producer reportedly ran a red light.

T-Pain’s DB9 Volante smashed into the side of a burgundy Toyota sedan leaving red paint across the front fascia of the British grand tourer and severe damage to the Toyota. The impact was severe enough to actually rip of the rear passenger wheel of the Toyota.

Interestingly, the Aston doesn’t seem to have been too badly damaged in the crash. With that being said, it will inevitable require a new front grille, bumper and splitter but the bonnet looks repairable. Given T-Pain’s $35 million net worth, we wouldn’t be surprised if he had a new bonnet installed or simply decided to replace the DB9.

While some witnesses claim T-Pain ran a red light, the producer denies it and responding police decided not to press charges against any of the involved drivers.

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  1. Wishful thinking as far as the damage assessment is concerned. DB9s are tough cars but there’s significant fender damage and likely underlying frame damage.


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