Overlooking one of the most iconic man-made structures on earth, the Eiffel Tower, one may think the following two-level penthouse apartment would only ever be affordable to the world’s richest businesspeople and A-list celebrities. With a price tag of 2.85 million euros however, it is far more accessible than that.

Of course, that sum is more than most people will earn in their entire lifetime but it does seem like quite a bargain for the space it provides and of course the incredible vista of the Eiffel Tower. The apartment itself is located on the 6th and 7th floors of a stunning freestone building and measures 1238 square feet.

The 6th floor includes a large living and reception room, fireplace, dining room, kitchen and two bedrooms with adjacent shower rooms. Upstairs is a small room which could be used as a study or guest bedroom and it provides truly exceptional views of the city including the Invalides Dome in the distance.

VIAJames Edition
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