It has emerged that only the most enthusiastic Ford owners and collectors will ever have the chance of owning the 2016 Ford GT supercar.

According to a worker from a Ford dealership, the American marque is setting up an elaborate ordering process which will actually require hopeful GT owners to apply. While anyone can apply, priority will be given to current Ford GT owners and other loyal customers of the brand.

Applicants who are successful will be assigned a car from Ford before the purchase is finalised at a local Ford GT certified dealership. It is there were a fully personalised buying experience will kick off for owners including extensive personalisation options.

Ford is apparently employing such a system to weed out any speculators looking to purchase the new GT and quickly sell it off for a profit.

Ford has previously confirmed that just 250 units of the new GT supercar will be produced every year at the marque’s Canadian production facility. Consequently, significantly fewer examples will be produced than the 2005 GT of which around 4000 were created. When combined with the desirability of the new GT, there’s certainly a chance it will gain value in the coming decades.

If for some reason you didn’t know, the 2016 Ford GT features a 3.5-litre twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V6 engine promising to deliver over 600 hp. While final horsepower and torque figures have yet to be released, the new engine is guaranteed to provide significantly more performance than the 5.4-litre supercharged V8 of the previous-generation Ford GT.

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