Christian von Koenigsegg has revealed that in the future, the Swedish marque’s cars will use hybrid all-wheel drive systems.

As it stands, all current and previous Koenigsegg models have been rear-wheel drive. While that inevitably adds to their driver involvement, it does mean that the automaker’s 1000+ hp cars can be difficult to launch quickly in the wet. In typical Koenigsegg fashion however, it has no interest in overcoming that issue with an ordinary all-wheel drive system.

Von Koenigsegg said that the main reason why the company refuses to use a typical AWD system is because of the extra space needed to accommodate a propshaft driving the front wheels. That means the cabin would have to be widened therefore impacting on the vehicle’s aerodynamics and weight distribution.

Instead, von Koenigsegg cited the hybrid all-wheel drive of the Porsche 918 Spyder which features electric motors to drive the front wheels as an inspiration. The Swedish maker could extend on the 918 with in-wheel electric motors. As it stands however, in-wheel electric motors are too large to be used by Koennigsegg’s with them also adding to the unsprung weight of the cars as well. When in-wheel motors shrink in size, Koenigsegg may consider adopting them.

“I don’t think we’re there just yet but I know it will happen. When the right hub motors do become available then we can look at electric four-wheel drive,” von Koenigsegg said.

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