Three images of a 2016 Porsche 911 GT3 RS catching fire have surfaced online.

Unfortunately, details surrounding the events are unknown. As evidenced from the photos however, it seems as though this 911 GT3 RS painted in the special shade of purple dubbed Ultraviolet, was saved from catching fire when an electrical short occurred on a post-production mounted material.

A nearby photographer managed to snap the German sports car being sprayed with three separate fire extinguishers to control and eventually contained the incident.

This is believed to be the first fire-related incident for the new 911 GT3 RS and comes on the back of the ‘regular’ 911 GT3 being recalled last year due to fire risks. That recall was issued after it was discovered that a loosened fastener on a connecting rod in the engine sparked a number of fires around the world. Porsche ultimately replaced all the engines of 2014 model year GT3s.

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  1. GTSpirit – this is really irresponsible reporting on your part – if you were there – or did some inquiry – you would know that there was an electrical short on some post-production mountings – NOT an engine fire – PLEASE do some checking before posting such conjecture


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