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Entire Bertone Museum to be Auctioned as One Lot

Bertone Collection Sale

A select group of Bertone collectors will be excited to hear that the contents of the Bertone museum will be offered for sale soon. The legendary Italian design house went bankrupt in 2014. Prior to its bankruptcy, it had already sold off a number of its collection in 2011 which helped keep the company afloat until its eventual collapse.

Among the lots on offer there are a number of extremely interesting designs including a 1967 Lamborghini Miura S, 1987 Lamborghini Countach and a 1975 Lancia Stratos. Alongside these road going cars, a huge variety of concept cars are being offered for sale. The catch? If you want to bid, you need to bid for the entire lot!

Bertone was founded in Turin, Italy in 1912. Since then it has created some of the most iconic designs in the world, the most significant of which were for Lamborghini, Lancia and Alfa Romeo. The talent behind many of these designs, Nuccio Bertone, died in 1997, ever since, the company has failed to turn enough profit to sustain its business.

Among the lots we’ve spotted it a 1963 Bertone-designed Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint and Giulia SS. There is a 1994 Porsche Karisma, designed by Bertone as a mid-engined four-seater concept. Bertone also once designed a minivan using Lamborghini parts which is also on offer; the Lamborghini Genesis.

It looks as though the auction will take place online on 14 September 2015 with the bidding starting at €2,130,022.40 and rising in increments of €20,000. The other catch? The collection has been deemed as culturally significant to Italy, therefore, the winning bidder will not be allowed to remove the collection from Italy!



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