It has been confirmed that about 90 per cent of McLaren P1 owners ordered their hypercars with customisations from the McLaren Special Operations division.

Considering that the P1 costs in excess of $1 million, it’s little surprise why owners want to ensure theirs are bespoke. According to the board member for McLaren Special Operations, Paul MacKenzie, the department never says “no” to a customer’s request unless body modifications impact on crash standards.

“We said we’re not going to be the style police,” MacKenzie said evidently referring to some of the more ‘Fashion Faux Pas Befalls Bespoke McLaren P1 in China’ P1s we’ve seen in recent months. He said the department is more than happing to acknowledge and respect “the regional and cultural differences of our customers”.

Interestingly, just 15 per cent of McLaren 650S models go through the McLaren Special Operations division.

[Via The Detroit Bureau]


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