Kahn Design Vengeance teased

After being teased through a number of renderings and sketches, the Kahn Design WB12 Vengeance has just been previewed in the flesh as testing of the vehicle kicks off.

Based around the Aston Martin DB9, the Kahn Design WB12 Vengeance features a completely bespoke exterior to ensure it is immediately distinguishable from the DB9. As the teaser video shows however, it sounds just like the DB9 as it uses the same 5.9-litre V12 as the DB9 without any modifications.


Kahn Design claims that it will begin producing the Vengeance in limited numbers later this year with the firm focusing heavily on radically modifying the exterior appearance of the luxurious British Gran Tourer. With that in mind, the Kahn Design Vengeance features an entirely new front grille incorporating prominent vertical slats. Elsewhere at the front, modifications have been made to the headlights while a new bonnet has been installed complete with a prominent power bulge and subtle air extractors. Wrapping up the front fascia changes is a new bumper and splitter package.

Generally speaking, the same basic shape of the Aston Martin DB9 is featured meaning the car’s prominent rear haunches have been maintained. While the changes adopted at the front and sides are comprehensive, it is the rear-end where things get even more interesting. Gone are the British automaker’s traditional taillights in favour of two simple circular units. Additionally, a prominent bootlid lip spoiler is featured as is a carbon fibre rear diffuser and dual tailpipes.

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