Formula One team principals reject refuelling

McLaren Formula One driver Jenson Button has thrown his support behind a potential return to ground effect aerodynamics in the sport.

A proposal regarding ground effect aerodynamics was recently tabled as part of the Strategy Group’s ongoing aim to make F1 cars faster from the 2017 season onwards. One of the key advocates of such a fundamental shift in how downforce is generated is Red Bull Racing.

If such changes were adopted, a large proportion of an F1’s car downforce would be created through the complex underbodies rather than the large front and rear wings and other aerodynamic elements currently featured. The key advantage of such a switch would allow for closer racing as aerodynamic underbodies create less turbulent air.

Discussing the potential change, Button said “It’s good to see a lot of new ideas for the future – I wish they were next year rather than 2017. I like the idea of making the cars lighter – they become more nimble, they become less lazy; more mechanical grip is always good for racing, because it doesn’t hurt overtaking.

“And if you’re going to work with downforce it should come from the floor rather than the wings, because you can race closer and fight, and you don’t have as much dirty air from the wings for the car following,” he said.

[Via Autosport]

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