Next-gen Alpina B7 spy shot front

After the latest-generation BMW 7-Series just launched, Alpina is already hard at work testing and developing its new B7.

While not officially branded as a BMW 7-Series, the Alpina B7 can be considered as the high-performance variant of the 7-Series sedan. As a matter of fact, BMW claims that one of the key reasons it won’t produce an M7 is because the Alpina B7 fulfils that role in the market.

Obviously, the latest Alpina B7 will feature the same overhauled body as the 2016 7-Series. It will include a number of bespoke elements however such as a custom front bumper and a slightly modified rear end. Alpina badges will also sit in place of the BMW badges. Elsewhere, the new B7 is predicted to include a number of subtle aerodynamic tweaks compared to the 7-Series to make it that little bit more impressive.

Next-gen Alpina B7 spy shot rear

Beneath the skin, the B7’s twin-turbocharged 4.4-litre V8 engine is expected to be uprated to the 600 hp region.


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