Ferrari 458 Italia exhaust Brixton Forged

So the reviews are in and unsurprisingly, the Ferrari 488 GTB is an exceptionally impressive supercar. While it may be significantly faster and more fuel efficient than the 458 Italia that it replaces, the following video should prove to you that in terms of sound, the 458 is still the king of V8s.


This particular Ferrari 458 Italia has been installed with an aftermarket Innotech Performance Exhaust system as well as custom headers and a cat bypass. While it may not be fair to compare its howl to that of a standard 488 GTB, the twin-turbochargers of the 488 GTB restrict its exhaust note to a point that even when tuners get their hands on it, it will never sound as breathtaking as its predecessor.

Sad for enthusiasts but relieving for 458 owners.


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