Aston Martin range could include seven models

Under the helm of chief executive Andy Palmer, Aston Martin’s future is set to be dramatically different than its present. As a matter of fact, it has been revealed that the marque’s range could swell to six or even seven individual models.

While recently speaking with Autocar at the Nurburgring 24 Hours, Palmer revealed that Aston Martin is looking not only to expand its range of V12 and V8 powered cars but that all-electric and hybrid models are also on the cards.

“I see in our future obviously V12s, V8s and probably battery-electric cars. As time evolves, there’s probably an inevitability to hybridisation, simply because, car by car, you can only downsize so much. I’d rather put a hybrid in there than an in-line four-cylinder.

“Imagine something like a 4×4, 1000bhp silent Rapide. I think ‘Power, Beauty, Soul’ doesn’t say it has to be a gasoline engine. It just needs to be really powerful, really beautiful and set your heart on fire. I’d argue that 1000bhp on the ground would probably do that for you. So that’s the route we could go.”

Palmer believes that to ensure the success of the British firm, an entirely new business model needs to be adopted confirming that producing 7000 units a year isn’t viable anymore.

“It doesn’t work as a business model. It hasn’t worked for Aston Martin, as we have been bankrupt seven times. We didn’t find the solution. The DBX and Lagonda are part of that solution.”

[Via Autocar]

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