730hp Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG

The Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG is undeniably one of the most extreme and menacing offroaders on the market. Not entirely satisfied with the car however, tuning company IMSA has just unveiled its extensive array of visual and performance modifications for the car.

Official: 730hp Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG by IMSA

Starting with the engine, IMSA have installed a new set of turbochargers, a custom exhaust system with different downpipes, sports cats and exhaust pipes as well as a charge air cooler. When combined with ECU tweaking, the IMSA G63 AMG pumps out an insane 730 hp and 1035 Nm of torque. All of that added power is sent through 22×11 inch wheels wrapped in 305/40 rubber.

Elsewhere, IMSA has installed custom shock absorbers for the G63 AMG. Visually, a custom bodykit has also been fitted. It features an exceptionally bold front bumper with a new lower scuff plate, black air intakes as well as a bespoke badge. Additionally, modifications have also been made to the wheel arches, side skirts and rear bumper.

“We live in an age where specialists try to optimize nearly everything that comes „off the peg“. That applies also for cars. Who is looking for the right tuning company for the latter ones will necessarily meet the IMSA GmbH at Brueggen on the Lower Rhine – namely in fields of premium cars. Here, power improvements are made in unimagined dimensions, and weight reducing aerodynamics optimizations are made with “surgical rigor” in absolutely precise handwork. Examples for can be found all over the world.

Only the name of the actual tuning subject – Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG – makes appreciators of the magic three letters melt away. The team around Holger Mohr, director of IMSA GmbH, has succeeded to let in a certain way a muse – the well known Greek goddess of arts – roll off the court after the work on the off-road icon was done …

The ambitious aims have been reached on the one hand by applying the IMSA G-class basic body kit, which means the exchange of some serial parts plus adding other parts against parts in ultra light carbon with high strength. In the whole, this body kit contains 16 parts, such as applied to the original front bumper left and right air inlets, both side front lips, clear cut wing enlargements, plated footboards, the new rear bumper and a new trim set. In the middle beyond the bumpers an indispensable underride guard made of chromed stainless steel in front and rear are completing the G-AMG „off-road“ attributes. The IMSA exhaust end bezels set the final highlight – in a stylish and extravagant way.
All that was ennobled with precision according to the IMSA philosophy and not „G-type“ pimped.

Because IMSA nothing concedes to random, the following parts are in addition optionally available in sight-carbon: the complete front grill, straps for front and rear bumper, likewise mirror coverings, air inlets in front, A-pillar with front roof edge, C-pillar air outlets and, finally, the complete bonnet set, another sportive accents underlining the image of pure luxury.

In order to “fill” the wheel wells in an appropriate way, there have been mounted proprietary light forged rims in 11×22 inches with tires in 305/40R22 all around.
Concerning the chassis, there are to be mentioned the special IMSA shock absorbers. Off-road racing technology predominates, whereas set-up has been made on comfortable performance.
In the sum of the weight reduced moving masses paired with high-tech quality has been created a special kind of driving feeling.

Also the „pre“ engine – a 5.5 liters V8 BiTurbo AMG – has been retrofitted. But IMSA does not only do „G-type“ chipping!
By help of proprietary IMSA turbochargers, a complete exhaust system with downpipes, sports cats and exhaust pipes, an charge air cooler and engine map optimization of the engine control device exhaust gas back pressure is being reduced, exhaust gas temperature lowered and, thus, the thermal strain of the motor being cut.
All these modifications give place for additional honest and healthy “horses”. Thus appears the concentrated power of this G 63 AMG with 730 HP (537 kW) and 1,035 Nm of maximal torque.

But this is not the end of „fun“! Also the inner values reflect the image of luxurious power and elegance. In stylish perfection, all not by AMG leather covered parts have been fitted with fine leather according to the class. Furthermore, the back seat bench had to go and to leave its place for an appropriate seating. The two original front seats had been redesigned and adapted to the rear car section instead of the bench seats. The especially created center console contains the controls of all comfort functions offering also the rear passengers all imaginable travel comfort.

On presentation of this modified power packet, the IMSA design G-class interpretation leads to believe that the car has been delivered in this shape ex factory, in a way as being kind of special edition”


  1. I want to check if you have front spoiler and is it possible to fix it in G63 easily 100% or i have to change the bumper

    Please advise



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