Lamborghini Gallardo destroyed in Shanghai fire

A Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 has been destroyed by a fire in the heart of Shanghai. The Gallardo in question is believed to be one of the final units produced and was purchased by its most recent owner a mere two months before the blaze.

It is reported that just before the Italian supercar caught ablaze, the passenger started to smell smoke. Not long after the driver pulled over and the engine was turned off, the fire took hold and soon engulfed the entire car. Adding salt to the wound, local fire crews only arrived at the scene after the blaze was in full force and burnt the mid-engined supercar down to its shell.


As the images show, the fire was centred around the engine bay and cabin with the rear end and one corner of the front end scraping by with minimal damage. Of course, the entire car is a write-off and it doesn’t appear as though any parts will be salvageable.


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