Video: Russian Footballer Crashes Nissan GT-R at 170 km/h

Russian footballer Andrey Yeshchenko has managed to walk away from a high speed crash involving his black Nissan GT-R without injury.

Yeshchenko is currently playing for the Kuban Krasnodar squad and competed for Russia in last year’s football World Cup. The crash saw the player crash his Japanese sports car into a concrete power pole at 170 km/h and despite the severity of the impact, was seemingly unscathed in the incident.


Captured on CCTV, the footage shows Yeshchenko’s GT-R crossing from the left lane into the right lane where it proceeds until slamming into the pole on the passenger side front quarter. The GT-R was travelling fast enough to knock down the pole all while absolutely destroying the car in every conceivable way.

As evidenced by the pictures, the GT-R is inevitably a write off with the entire passenger side torn off and pulverised in the impact. As such, significant engine damage has been done while the passenger front wheel and hub assembly has been torn from the car. Additionally, both the front and rear windscreens have been broken while a significant part of the roof has also been heavily affected from the impact.

Local media reports suggest that Yeshchenko was drunk at the time of the crash.


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