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Absolutely Crazy Widebody Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 Spider


In the world of batshit-crazy creations from Japanese aftermarket tuner Liberty Walk, the following project is certainly ranked amongst the best. Clearly starting life as a standard Ferrari 458 Spider, the car has been adorned with an exceptionally eye-catching widebody kit as well as a set of custom PUR wheels.

The bodywork consists of a new front splitter being installed, extended side skirts, the necessary flared wheel arches at all four corners, a towering carbon fibre bootlid lip spoiler as well as an ultra-aggressive rear diffuser.


When combined with a set of specially made PUR LG06 wheels finished in gloss red and a lowered ride height, this Ferrari 458 Spider is certainly unlike any other!


  1. I’m a big fan of the wide body look. This one looks great from 25′. Not a fan of the bolt in flares though. Look like the ones that people stick on their Jeeps. For a kit that (I’m guessing here, costs $100K installed?) and is going on a $300K exotic, I would like to see them molded to the body, with no visible lines. Makes it look more “bespoke”, rather than “bolt on” IMO.


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