Audi TTq front2

Earlier this week, it emerged that Audi has reportedly given the green light to a production-variant of the Audi TT Offroad Concept unveiled last year. The production-spec model will apparently be revealed as the Audi TTQ.

With this in mind, X-Tomi Design has decided to render the third Audi TT body style. To create the ‘productionised’ variant, X-Tomi has rendered the original Audi TT Offroad Concept with different wheels, larger wing mirrors and different exhaust pipes. Beyond this subtle changes, the overall design remains the same as the concept which it itself utilised a rather restrained design to closely reflect the Audi TT coupe.

Audi TTq rear2

The TTQ name has apparently been selected as Alfa Romeo is the rights holder to the Q2 and Q4 badges meaning the new Audi crossover can’t feature a typical Q badge from Audi like the Q3, Q5, Q7 and upcoming Q1, Q8 and Q9.

When recently discussing the name selection, a senior manager from the firm said to Car Magazine, “We have no choice but to make a virtue out of necessity. By taking the TTQ route, we avoid the confrontation with Fiat, we don’t overcrowd the Q corral, and we add a fresh twist to the TT theme.”

[Via X-Tomi Design]

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