Corvette Z06

When optioned with the range-topping 3LZ trim, the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 carries a modest sticker price of $93,965. However, reports have emerged suggesting that a dealership in Roseville, California has added $49,995 to that starting price as a purported ‘market value adjustment’.

Interestingly, dealerships are well within their rights to ask for significantly more over the manufacturer’s suggested retail price if they so desire. As a matter of fact, General Motors spokesperson Ryndee Carney said to Autoblog that “”For the Corvette Z06, Chevrolet has established a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price we feel is right for the market. Actual transaction prices, however, are the province of the dealer.”

As if you need reminding, the new Corvette Z06 features a brand new 6.2-litre LT4 supercharged V8 engine delivering 650 hp and an equal 650 lb-ft of torque under the hood. Peak horsepower is reached at 6400 rpm while peak torque is found at 3600 rpm. Excitingly, 90 per cent of the total torque figure is available from just 2500 rpm through to 5400 rpm.

The Corvette Z06 gets two gearbox options. The first is the standard seven-speed manual transmission comes equipped with Active Rev Match. The automatic transmission is an all-new 8L90 eight-speed paddle-shift automatic transmission designed to enhance both performance and efficiency.

Elsewhere, the aluminium frame carries over from the Corvette Stingray and will be shared, pretty much as it is, with the Corvette Racing C7.R. It is a stiffer design which allows for a removable carbon fibre roof panel to be added.

[Via Autoblog]

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  1. Dealers are within their rights to kill a car model. Ford introduced the 2002 Thunderbird redesign at a reasonable price and got a Motor Trend Car of the Year. Greedy dealers added a $10,000 “market adjustment charge”, the cars sat in the showrooms for two years and the model got killed for lack of sales.

  2. Just buy one from a dealer in the Dakota’s. Same thing with the 2000 Honda S2000, dealers were asking $5000 over sticker, got one in Sioux Falls, SD for $800 under sticker, cost $300 to have it shipped by train to Kansas City. Never saw the dealer, total purchase over the phone, though get a Christmas card from him every year. Just go on Ebay unless that dealer promises to give you $50K over blue book when your ready to trade it in! Greedy Dealer!

  3. A price hike of over 50% is silly, that’s the type of increase that’s usually reserved for manufacturers like Ferrari. But for a Chevrolet? That’s ambitious even if it’s a really good car because all of a sudden it’s no longer an affordable supercar for many.

  4. The dealer might have gotten away with a mark up like that pre internet, but don’t see it happening in today’s market. Only way is for that impulsive buyer who HAS TO HAVE IT NOW! Then maybe, if the dealer has it on the lot.


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