Top 10 of 2014

With the end of the year around the corner there is only one question left to answer: What are our favorite cars of the year 2014? We had the opportunity to drive a few interesting cars this year and below you can find the GTspirit Top 10 of cars driven in 2014 including a brief description why these cars made it into our Top 10.

This year was very interesting and busy year for GTspirit and we drove and reviewed more cars than ever. Next year we hope to bring you another interesting set of reviews and road test and we can promise you we have already lined up a few very interesting cars for the first half of next year. If you own a special car yourself sign up for our Owners Club to stay in the loop on special events and insider news. Feel free to submit your personal top 10 of cars you drove or liked this year in the comments below! Also take a moment to vote for your favorite cars of 2014 in the GTspirit Awards 2014!

10. Volkswagen Passat


The surprising newcomer in our Top 10 favorite cars of the year is a Volkswagen! Yes, you might wonder how a Volkswagen can compete with all the luxury- and performance cars we regularly drive but very few cars this year managed to surprise us as much as this understated sedan and saloon. It ticked all the boxes and the only point of criticism we had was the analog clock and the typical diesel noise that could have been masked better. That being it, it might not be as exotic or as exclusive as the other cars in this list but it earned its spot in our Top 10.

9. Bentley Continental GT V8 S


In October we had the pleasure of spending a week with this Bentley and it was really a pleasure. Unlike the V12-powered Continental GTs, the V8 feels nimble through bends and is an equally great companion for a long journey. The beautiful Kingfisher blue color certainly helped attract positive attention where we went.

8. Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II


The Rolls-Royce Ghost has been around since 2010 and received a very subtle upgrade this year. The new LED lights and revised front give it a fresh look without changing any of the fundaments that make the Ghost to one of our favorite cars in general. We had the pleasure to drive the Ghost Series II in two cities that are home to the highest density of Rolls-Royces in the world: London and Beverly Hills and it left a lasting impression!

7. Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG Coupe


The Mercedes-Benz S-Class could be the best car money can buy at the moment. This Summer Mercedes-Benz added another chapter to the story with the S-Class Coupe and we drove both the S500 and S63 AMG Coupe and it immediately became one of our favorite cars of this year. On top of the excellent combination of luxury comfort and dynamic ride, the curve titling function that banks the car into the corner adds a very nice gimmick for those opting for a rear-wheel drive S-Class Coupe.

6. Audi S1


Very few cars we drive every year are exactly as we want them to be. The Audi S1 was one of the few cars that ticked all our boxes. Unlike most other small Audis the S1 is sporty and direct exactly the way we like it. From the direct steering to the hard suspension and the lovely manual gearbox, it was exactly the way we like it!

5. BMW M4 Coupe


The name change to M4 sparked some controversy but a new M3 Coupe is still a reason to be excited even when its called the M4! From the twisty Portuguese D2 to chasing Chris Harris on the Portimão Circuit, the BMW M4 Coupe proved its strength and put a smile on our face!

4. Jaguar F-Type Convertible V8 S

Jaguar F-Type Coupe R

Loud, louder, loudest! That is the Jaguar F-Type V8 S in a nutshell. Not a single tunnel we could resist the desire to shift done and put our foot down. Unlike the Coupe Type R, the convertible V8 S doesn’t scare you and thanks to the convertible roof it is easier to enjoy the classic sports car sound!

3. Mercedes-AMG GT

Brilliant Blue Mercedes-AMG GTS

The Mercedes-AMG AMG GT was one of the most anticipated cars this year at the GTspirit office. And it has to be said Mercedes-AMG delivered an incredible compact sportscar with an extremely high fun factor! Unlike the Jaguar F-Type V8 S, the AMG GT’s sound is all natural and the grip exceptional! A perfect recipe to make our Top 3 of cars we have driven this year.

2. Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse World Record Car


Seven years since our first engagement with the Bugatti Veyron we returned behind the wheel of the nearly a decade old Bugatti Veyron this year. And we were impressed by how fast it still is and how modern it still looks. It feels timeless already and it certainly earned the number 2 spot.

1. McLaren P1


The McLaren P1 was one of the first cars we drove this year and the rest of the year nothing has come to top the sheer performance and engaging drive of the hybrid hypercar. It is one of the most extreme cars ever built, both in terms of engineering as design. Driving the 900hp+ McLaren P1 in the rain on mud covered roads in Bahrain proved that it is not just a incredible fast track car but also usable in every day conditions. The hybrid drivetrain with full electric mode and boost mode added an additional element that we never expected. The McLaren P1 is the number 1 car we drove in 2014!

Top 3 Concept Cars Driven

This year we also had the opportunity to drive a few concept cars. Not seldom these concept cars were early stage showcases of design or future technology. It offered a very interesting look into the future. We listed the three most interesting concept cars for you below.

1. Audi Prologue Concept

Audi Prologue Concept

Imagine driving a one-off concept car worth millions without registration or insurance on the roads of Beveverly Hills. It was an experience to never forget! On top of that the Audi Prologue Concept truly is a stunning luxury two-door coupe. Inside a flexible OLED display and 3D cockpit could make it into future Audis.

2. Mercedes-Benz S500 Intelligent Drive Concept


Autonomous Cars are coming and Mercedes-Benz showed us how far they are already with the S500 Intelligent Drive. Believe it or not but during our lap across Silicon Valley the S500 drove 100% autonomously. Everything from stopping for traffic lights to merging on to the highway was done without a single input from the driver. Technically we haven’t driven this car but the technical feat is impressive enough to gain spot number two in our concept car top 3.

3. Audi RS7 Piloted Driving Concept


Would you get in the passenger seat of a car that races itself around the race track at close to 100% performance? That’s what we did when Audi presented us with the opportunity to experience the Audi RS7 Piloted Driving Concept. Autonomous Driving meets motorsports, will engineers be the future stars of F1 instead of the drivers? That was what we wondered after we experienced it. The autonomous RS7 executed the lap near perfect and set a lap time only two seconds slower of our own lap.

We would also like to hear your Top 10 Cars of 2014! Post them in the comments below or send your Top 10 to us via email!

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