BMW to create Tesla Model S rival

BMW is set to release its rival to the Tesla Model S in 2018 with reports indicating that the car will be based on the long wheelbase BMW 5-Series.

Unlike the Tesla however, BMW’s car is expected to be a plug-in hybrid rather than all-electric and will consequently wear the ‘i’ badge from the German firm. Alongside the stretched wheelbase providing additional room for passengers (a particularly important element for Chinese customers), it will allow the batteries to be installed between the axles.

Unlike the current BMW i8 which uses one electric motor, this car will use two electric motors with the internal combustion engine acting predominately as a powerful range extender. All told, it could have an all-electric range of about 130 km.

Beyond the powertrain, BMW’s Tesla Model S rival will share many of its components with the existing 5-Series. That is expected to include the suspension, steering and brakes.

Automobile Magazine believes that a concept will be revealed in 2017.

[Via Automobile Magazine]

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  1. Be for real. ICE is done. We don’t want hybrids. Stop half stepping. Go to the drawing board and come up with a compelling all, ALL electric car.

    ————-“The Revolution will not be televised”, but it will be Electrified————–
    ——As I say you can pay for the Evolution or Jump straight to the Revolution—–
    ———-Hybrid lose because EV RULES —The EV Revolution has begun———–


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