Not too long ago, it emerged that Lexus had officially confirmed the radical LF-LC Concept for production. Now a new report has surfaced indicating that the new Lexus sports car could revive the SC badge for the Japanese automaker.

While the new car could be dubbed the Lexus SC, it will be radically different to the SC which finished its production run back in 2010.

While speaking about the project with Autocar, Lexus European boss Alain Uyttenhoven said, “It is true that we are evaluating this car as a potential halo car, to take on the role of theLexus LFA supercar in a more affordable way. The LFA was an incredible project; it showed what we could do and it brought all sorts of positives to Lexus. One of our key priorities is to make Lexus a more emotional brand, and the appeal of this kind of car in the range is clear to us.”

Uyttenhoven also recently revealed that the production car will remain very similar to the bold concept. It remains to be seen however, just where the Lexus LF-LC will sit in the market and this will ultimately boil down to the engine or engines it is available with and how much it will cost.

[Via Autocar]


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