Moscow Fire burns supercars

A carpark in Moscow has been destroyed by fire while full of luxurious and exotic cars.

The blaze started at about 6 am in the morning near Red Square. While the exact cause of the fire isn’t known, police are currently investigating the scene and arson is being considered as a possible cause.


What is clear is the damage caused by the blaze. Eight of the twelve cars parked there, including multiple Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Mercedes-Benz models are nothing but shells of their former selves. All up, the collection is worth approximately $3.3 million.

Moscow Fire burns supercars

What’s more, preliminary reports suggest that the cars were owned by just one person.


  1. 12 cars in total.
    3 rows
    rear row (far -> close): G-class 50% damage, panamera – 100%, w222 – 100%, panamera – 100%.
    middle row: w222 – 100%, boxter – 100%, panamera – 100%
    first row: 4 RR wraith and cayenne – 85%
    owned by building company, as representative cars.
    and this is arson for sure. fire started from rear row cars, most close to fence.


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