Ferrari F50 Wrecked in UK

A Ferrari F50 has been heavily damaged following a crash in the United Kingdom.

The crash occurred on Wednesday morning local time on the A43 dual-carriageway. It is believed that the driver lost control of the V12 powered supercar while entering the road. As a result, the F50 crashed into a lamp post causing serious damage to the rear end.

Ferrari F50 Wrecked in UK

A witness told local reporters, “I was driving on the A43 near Brackley and saw the Ferrari wrapped around the lamppost. There was a chap wearing a Ferrari T-shirt stood besides another chap and another car had put its hazard lights on to block the lane which was 50 yards off the westbound roundabout.”

ITV reports that this could be the most expensive car crash in the U.K. since Rowan Atkinson destroyed his dark coloured McLaren F1 back in 2011.

[Via ITV]

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