Major changes are afoot at Cadillac. Not only did the American luxury car manufacturer recently announce a new nomenclature, it has also confirmed its Mercedes-Benz S-Class rival, the CT6, will arrive next year. If Cadillac is to become a real rival to the likes of BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi however, it will have to expand its range beyond luxury cars and experiment with sports cars.

While recently speaking with Car and Driver, the company’s new chief executive Johan de Nysschen revealed that the American firm could indeed produce a sports car or maybe even two.

“I’m a performance enthusiast myself,” he said. “We should also look at one or two sports cars that you buy for emotional reasons, not for practicality, but because they are so sexy and so fun to drive.”

Such models are obviously quite a long way off, but the more sports cars on the market, the merrier!

[Via Car and Driver]


  1. Humm, what about an updated XLR/Elmiraj 2 seater, with an 800 HP version of the ZR1 power plant, MRC, retractable roof, Tremec 6 speed (no need for ridiculous 8-9 speed trans!), polished supercharged with “window” hood (ala ZR1), etc. Main thing is, GM, A SPORTS CAR WITH PROVEN TECHNOLOGY! Please do not try to introduce the latest “big thing” – i.e.- “driver responsive interior materials”- (from ficticious GM press release :”interior adapts from lush leather coverings for the meat eating husband to automatically converting to hemp and plant based interior for the vegan wife, all with a quick read of your fingerprint in the scanner door locks!!!!”
    Old adage on this one GM- K.I.S.S.!!


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