The Polish supercar one mile drag race Battle Royale put many of Europe’s finest automotive examples to test on a competition that promised to be much more than an adrenalin rush, and it delivered. From a Honda NSX to a Jeep SRT8, every car had the chance of outrunning the others and reaching a greater top speed; motorcycles had their own category as well and everyone had a great time trying to defy their competitors.

Nissan GT-Rs were the car to beat, but the ones stealing the looks were a pair of McLaren 650Ss in black and orange. A drift show entertained the crowd for some time and many sponsors had the opportunity to get close to a first class event that was also available as an HD livestream.


The following video shows footage of all that, combined with some pretty girls walking by and a bit of an interview. You may expect a full gallery with detailed description of the event soon as an exclusive for


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