Another prototype of the facelifted 991-generation Porsche 911 has been spied testing with this particular example a test mule for an entry-level 911 Cabriolet variant.

Just recently reports surfaced indicating that the facelifted 911 range will be introduced at the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show 2014 with the release of the new 911 GTS. What’s more, there is speculation that instead of being dubbed the 991.2 or 991 Series II, the midlife facelift Porsche 911 range will instead introduce the 992-generation of cars.

As the spy shot shows, this prototype was wearing very little camouflage meaning it is quite easy to see some of the visual changes. First of all, new LED daytime running lights are included even though they are largely taped up. Additionally, a revised front bumper has been installed complete with the moveable air intake slates which we’ve seen on display numerous times in the past.

At the rear, newly designed tailpipes are featured as is a new bumper.

[Via Top Speed]


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