According to new reports, Lotus is looking at launching both an SUV and a sedan. While Lotus may seem like one of the least likely sports car manufacturer’s to enter such a market, the expansion of these respective markets is proving too good of an opportunity to pass up for many automakers.

Utusan Malaysia reports that at a recent meeting with the board of directors from Proton, the new Lotus CEO Jean-Marc Gales is said to have revealed plans for both an SUV as well as a sedan. Back in 2006, Lotus unveiled its small APX crossover concept and in 2010, revealed the luxurious Lotus Eterne sedan concept. The two new models however are reportedly unrelated to these past projects.

It is being suggested that the launch of an SUV and sedan will help attract new customers to Lotus who aren’t interested in the firm’s staple sports cars.

[Via Utusan Malaysia]

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