DeltaWing vs Nissan ZEOD Design Lawsuit Heats Up

Late last year it emerged that the creator of the DeltaWing racing car was suing Nissan over its BladeGlider Concept and ZEOD RC on the grounds of them violating the intellectual property of the original arrowhead shaped racer. Well fast forward 7 months, and the issue is still to be resolved and the latest move on the part of DeltaWing has been to publish an advertisement in a local newspaper near Nissan headquarters in the U.S.

The ad compares the design of the DeltaWing racer and Nissan ZEOD RC with them placed side-by-side under the headline ‘You can put as many Nissan logos on it as you’d like: It’s still our design’. The ad is addressed to the Nissan Motor Company as a whole as well as CEO Carlos Ghosn.

DeltaWing vs Nissan ZEOD Design Lawsuit Heats Up

The man behind the lawsuit is Dr. Don Panoz, the prime backer for the DeltaWing Coupe. Panoz doesn’t just want to see both the BladeGlider and ZEOD RC scrapped, he has his own plans to offer a two-seat roadster version and a four-door family version based around the arrow head design.

Nissan ZEOD RC Le Mans Prototype

Interestingly, the DeltaWing racer and the ZEOD RC were designed by Ben Bowlby. However, a DeltaWing Technologies spokesman said that the work he did belongs to Panoz.

At the moment, lawyers from both sides are said to be collecting depositions as well as evidence ahead of a yet-to-be-scheduled court date.

Nissan BladeGlider Concept


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