Radical Imagines Its Hydrogen Car Would Look

The crew at Radical Sportscars as well as Cranfield University have just finished work on designing a hydrogen Radical racing car and the technology which the car features is quite amazing. While there are no intentions to build the car, the car is certainly cool to look at!

Radical Imagines Its Hydrogen Car Would Look

The project was created to see what a possible one-make hydrogen car racing series from Radical could look like. Because the car is powered by hydrogen, it is simply unlike any other car Radical has produced in its relatively short history.

Rather than being completely powered by hydrogen and nothing else, the car utilises two large cylinders on each side of the engine bay to hold liquid hydrogen. This is then fed into the Ford EcoBoost engine and according to modelling, the machine would deliver 669 hp and 567 lb-ft of torque!

[Via Jalopnik]



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