Tesla Lawsuit Over Name in China Continues

The ongoing name dispute for Tesla in China is still ongoing with the original trademark owner, Zhan Baosheng suing the company over the fact that he’s had Tesla trademarked China for years before the electric automaker entered the large Asian nation.

Originally when Tesla Motors entered the Chinese market last year, it was deemed by Chinese regulators that Zhan’s trademarks were invalid. Consequently, the automaker officially entered the mark. However, Zhan isn’t happy with that decision and is appealing it by asking for Tesla to shut down all operations in China while also paying him $3.9 million in compensation.

Nevertheless, Tesla has shrugged off the lawsuit claiming his lawsuit “is without any conceivable merit.”

Tesla also said, “We have been selling cars [in China] and are now delivering cars and will continue to do so without interference caused by Mr. Zhan’s attempted theft of our intellectual property.”

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