Mercedes AMG Thinking Of E-Turbo Engines

Recently it emerged that the upcoming next-generation, 2016 Audi Q7 SUV could debut an advanced e-turbocharged engine first previewed on the RS5 TDI Concept earlier this year. Well it has now emerged that Audi isn’t the only company interested in the technology with Mercedes-AMG reportedly thinking about employing its own e-turbocharged engines in the future.

While speaking with Drive, AMG’s head of powertrain development, Jochen Martin Schmid said, “There are many companies looking into this technology right now and it is something we will investigate at some time to see the benefits.”

Electric turbocharging works with the turbocharger compressor being powered by an electric motor rather than the exhaust gases as is typically the case. The system has advantages for fuel economy while also providing boost lower in the rev range than traditional turbochargers.

[Via Drive]

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