Video: Epic $5 Million Underground Garage in the U.S

Garages are awesome. After all, it’s where automotive enthusiasts like us store our most prized possession/s. As a result, if you’re wealthy and have an impressive car collection, then it is worth investing in a pretty special garage and that is exactly what the following successful U.S. businessman has done.


His huge estate is located in Lake Tahoe and it consists of four individual properties. However, the most impressive feature is without a doubt the underground garage which cost about $5 million to create.

On ground level, a motorcycle collection with over 100 pieces is present. However, it is beneath this where the real action begins. Hidden under some fake rocks and a tree is a massive elevator which can lift 250,000 pounds at a time and store three cars. This elevator then goes down into a stunningly white underground garage where the owner keeps his cars!

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