Grigio Scuro Novitec N-Largo Ferrari F12

The Novitec N-Largo Ferrari F12 is without a doubt the most impressive tuned F12 Berlinetta produced since the Italian supercar entered the market a couple of years ago. Here we have a stunning example finished in Grigio Scuro and with yellow accents, it looks truly incredible!

All the components added to the F12 Berlinetta are manufactured from ultra-light carbon fiber. Overall, the package increases the width at the rear axle by 11 cm thanks to an aggressive set of fender flares. At the front, a similar set of flares have been fitted with a horizontal air vent to cool the ceramic brakes. Rear rocker panels are available in a matt or high-gloss clear coated carbon fibre.

At the very front, Novitec Rosso fit a replacement front bumper with a different duct layout. Testing in a wind tunnel proves that the new component reduces negative lift and further improves handling stability. The hood receives the N-Largo air scoops on the left and right-hand side as well as with the central air deflection insert. A rear spoiler sits atop a five piece diffuser at the rear of the car. Carbon fibre exterior mirrors finish off the look.

Grigio Scuro Novitec N-Largo Ferrari F12

The Novitec Rosso power upgrade boosts output to 781 hp and 722 Nm for a top speed of about 350 km/h. To extract that power from the 6.3-liter 12-cylinder four-valve engine, a stainless steel exhaust system is fitted with a new mapping for the engine management system. Inside, Novitec Rosso offers a range of bespoke options for the interior. The cockpit can be designed in leather and Alcantara in any desired color.

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