Prior Design Audi R8

Prior Design and famous Monte Carlo hotel, Hotel de Paris are in a bitter dispute following an incident from April 17th involving a stunning Prior Design Audi R8.

The incident happened after a hotel valet was behind the wheel of the R8 despite Prior Design specifically telling Hotel de Paris not to drive the precious car. The valet suffered a herniated vertebral disk and was unable to get out of the car. As a result, emergency crews were called.

In Prior Design’s words, “After sitting behind the steering wheel, the hotel staff suffered a herniated vertebral disk and could no longer step out of the car without help. After approximately six police officers and eight rescue paramedics had virtually “stormed” the vehicle within the scope of the rescue operation that was launched, severe trails of damage were left on the interior fittings of the Audi that are refined with carbon, Alcantara and the most sophisticated nappa leather.”

Prior Design Audi R8

Prior Design claims that the rescue operation caused about 10,000 euros in damages to the precious R8 and is seeking compensation from Hotel de Paris. However, the hotel denies any accountability for the damage suffered to the car with Prior Design saying, “The hotel has so far declined liability for the damages of about EUR 10,000 suffered in the aftermath of the operation even though the sports car was handed over to hotel staff at the time of the damage.”

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