There are a number of aftermarket exhaust systems on sale today, however, not many can match the Armytrix package for raw aural pleasure. The sun was shining this weekend so we decided to meet none other than Supercars of London‘s Paul Wallace and his recently acquired Audi R8 4.2 V8. Paul has began implementing a number of changes to the car including his new Armytrix Exhaust!

The Ice Silver car is specced with beautiful contrasting Carbon side blades, a set of matte finished black wheels and has been lowered to give this car serious stance. As we pottered around the leafy outskirts of London heads turn and a young boy excitedly turn to his father and shrieks ‘Look Dad, its Tony Stark!’, The R8 certainly is appreciated by passersby, young and old!

The first stop is a beautiful Tudor house where two more German supercars join us for a quick group photo. Germans are known to be a rather serious and focused and are often criticised for making cars that lack emotion and character. The red livered Porsche 997 GT3 RS and black striped gold Mercedes CLS 63 complete with Brabus upgrades and black wheels certainly dash all stereotypes of conservative design!

The Armytrix system features a remote control that controls the valves in the exhaust, normal mode is soft on the hearing and cuts all the bassy drones of the V8. In the loudest setting the total opposite is achieved, the car sounds astonishing, the V8 bellows and bangs, the sound dominates the cabin and resonates off surrounding walls, building and hedges. The R8 is by no means a slow car but the sense of speed achieved is dramatically increased with the angry V8 whining behind the cabin. The final setting is Auto. When engaged the valves are opened under 50% depression of the accelerator pedal.


Having embarrassed another R8 V8 when revving the engine in traffic the day was brought to an end and it will certainly not be one we will forget in a hurry! Stay tuned with GTspirit as we will be sure to follow this R8 as it continues to be upgraded and modified. A massive thanks to Paul for giving us the chance to spend the day with his R8.


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