BMW M1 Successor Possible

It is something automotive enthusiasts have been curious about for quite some time and BMW has confirmed that it at least has the know-how to create successor to the legendary BMW M1.

While speaking with CarAdvice, the head of BMW’s M division, Friedrich Nitschke, revealed that a BMW M1 successor could be a collaborative effort with M and BMW’s i-range. When quizzed about the possibility for BMW to create a supercar to rival the Audi R8 and upcoming Mercedes-AMG GT, Nitschke said, “[In the past] we made this with the M1, and now we have an i8 and for me now, M is the next aspirant to do this, but we haven’t made any decision yet.

“I think ‘i’ and ‘M’ are the bookends of BMW, we show with M what we can do on the racetrack and then with ‘i’ we show a big step to the future what we can do reducing fuel consumption and bringing new concepts. We have all the technology in BMW and we can use this technology from ‘i’ and that’s a big advantage BMW has at the moment.”

Importantly, thanks to the creation of the BMW i8 and its heavy use of carbon fiber, the German marque has developed a better understanding of how to produce lightweight sports cars. This could prove pivotal for an M1 successor.

[Via Car Advice]


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