Video: Forget the Huayra, the Pagani Zonda F Is The Sound King!

While the Pagani Zonda is officially out of production, dedicated enthusiasts as well as those with enough money, can still order a custom Zonda from Pagani. And this is good because from a driving standpoint, the Zonda is still incredible and visually, the later Zondas still look very modern and a radically different in design to the Huayra and more to some peoples tastes. However, the best thing about the Zonda still being available for commissioning is its insane exhaust note.


No matter what engine a Zonda is fitted with, whether it be the original 6.0-liter V12 or the most powerful 7.3-liter variant and its epic 760 hp, the AMG V12 sounds impeccable producing a roar unlike any other car ever made. Obviously, it is dramatically different to the twin-turbocharged roar the Huayra creates complete with its out of this world wastegate noise.

GTspirit Road Test of Pagani Zonda F

The following video perfectly captures the screaming sound of a Pagani Zonda F Roadster and was used to capture the true exhaust note of the car for Grid 2!


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