Nissan GT-R by EKS Becomes World's Fastest With 7.81 Second 1/4 Mile

For quite some time, this absolutely brutal Nissan GT-R Alpha Omega by AMS Performance has been the world’s fastest street-legal GT-R across the quarter mile. However, now there is a new kid on block and it has just taken the mantle as the world’s quickest road-legal GT-R.

Transformed by the crew at Extreme Turbo Systems (ETS), this brutal GT-R recently managed to rocket down the quarter mile in a mere 7.81 seconds at a top speed of 294.5 km/h. By comparison, the best time from the GT-R Omega thus far has been 7.984 seconds at 299.3 km/h.


No specific power outputs for this GT-R have been revealed but it has to be pushing out upwards of 1500 hp.

While this run is indeed impressive, we expect the GT-R Alpha 12 Omega to beat it very soon. As a matter of fact, the Omega GT-R was the first GT-R to clock a sub 9 second quarter mile, the first 8 second sprint and the first in the 7 second range. Could it also be the first into 6 second range?


  1. It's 'ETS' guys, as in 'Extreme Turbo Systems'. Get it right. Also it wasn't an alpha 12 that held the record, AMS' Omega is a test bed car that runs turbos MUCH larger than an alpha 12 turbo, currently AMS is offering alpha 9, 10, 12, 14 , 16 AND is testing alpha 20 packages. AMS has recently reset the trap speed to 187 mph recently as well. The ETS car mentioned in this article is running super 99 turbos that are rated for over 1000hp EACH.


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