Additional McLaren P13 Details Surface; 650S Inspired Styling Likely

In the lead-up to the Geneva Motor Show 2014, most thought that McLaren was going to unveil a sub-12C sports car to compete with the likes of the Porsche 911 Turbo and Turbo S. However, as we now know, the 650S was in fact launched effectively replacing the 12C which McLaren recently decided to stop producing.

Now the entry-level McLaren P13 sports car is pinned for a launch sometime next year and additional details about the car have been revealed thanks to Top Gear and a recent interview with McLaren engineering director Mark Vinnels.

Starting with what we already know, we know that the McLaren P13 will feature the same ‘monocell’ carbon fiber monocoque used by the McLaren 12C, 650S and range-topping P1. Consequently, both coupe and spider variants of the P13 are likely.

According to the latest word, the body of the P13 will be made from lightweight yet ultra-strong aluminium. By comparison, both the 650S and P1 feature more carbon fiber than the P13 will. The entry-level McLaren will feature a very similar suspension system to both the 12C and 650S. This suspension system has been continually praised since it was launched as it provides impeccable ride comfort yet incredible road holding and cornering.

From a visual standpoint, the P13 will draw heavily from the design of the 650S. This is hardly surprising considering how from the front end, the 650S is very similar to the P1.

As for the engine, that has always been expected to be the same 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 used on all recent McLarens albeit detuned for the P13. However, Vinnels confirmed that a V8 isn’t central to a McLaren opening up the possibility for a smaller and more importantly, lighter V6 engine delivering around 450 hp.

[Via Top Gear]


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