BMW M3 Pick-Up

The E92 BMW M3 was a brilliant car, a great big V8 up front, power going to the rear and the choice of an good old manual or fantastic DCT gearbox in the middle. It was a little over wight but nothing too serious. The BMW M3 Saloon added a little practicality but what if you were, lets say, a builder and you wanted to use your 414 bhp M3 for work?

Back in 2011 BMW built a one-off BMW M3 Pick-Up, or so we thought. A second example has been spotted and its looks fantastic! The first car was finished in Alpine White, this car arguably looks even better in its dark grey finish complimented with black wheels in the traditional CSL style, a very cool car indeed.

BMW M3 Pick-Up

[via Hart voor Auto]

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