Awesome POV Drive in McLaren P1 on Track!

For the vast majority of the population, they’ll never get to experience driving the absolutely incredible McLaren P1 being heralded as one of, if not the most impressive supercar/hypercar ever produced. Fortunately, we had the amazing opportunity to drive it at the start of the year and understandably, it left us absolutely speechless.


Now, the very first POV video from being the cockpit of the McLaren P1 has been released providing an absolutely jaw-dropping firsthand look at just how intense driving the P1 at full throttle really is. From inside the cockpit, there’s simply nothing on planet earth which sounds like the McLaren P1. Captured in the following video beautifully, the roar V8 sound can be heard roaring at full throttle and even more impressive are the sound of the turbochargers whistling under full throttle, while changing gears and under braking!

GTspirit Road Test of McLaren P1

If you want to read more about the incredible McLaren P1, be sure to check out our review!


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