Guard Rail Pierces Through BMW 335i in Horrific Crash

A BMW 335i has been absolutely destroyed in an horrific crash in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Guard Rail Pierces Through BMW 335i in Horrific Crash

The crash occurred a couple of weeks ago but the pictures have only recently gone viral. As they show, the two-door German sports car slammed into an Armco crash barrier at high speed and instead of crumpling or deflecting the car, the barrier pierced right through the tail and exited out the windscreen.

Amazingly, the driver, believed to be a well-known South African soccer player, managed to escape the wreck uninjured!

[Via Road Safety]

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  1. This car hit going backwards. You can tell by the impact. As in there is not front impact damage. The rear has extensive impact damage. The rail went through the boot out the windshield. Just FYI

  2. I would like to know who wrote this article. Not a crash expert here but it seems quite clear to me that the car impacted from the rear not the front as is stated in the article, and the fact that you see the windshield blown outward instead of inward would indicate that the impact that the windshield experienced came from the inside of the car. Finally the fact that the original article even says that the " headrest flew out of the windscreen. " is indicative of the crash occurring from the rear of the vehicle.


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