Tesla Model S Performs Valiantly On the Track

Generally, when people think of electric cars they think of slow, boring, hatchbacks designed primarily for slow city traffic. However, with cars such as the Rimac Concept One and of course the Tesla Model S, a new era of performance electric cars is well and truly upon us.

While the Rimac Concept One is a full-on electric supercar, the Model S is ‘just’ an electric sedan. However, it is a premium sedan with performance to match the likes of the BMW M5 and Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG in a straight line.


However, while we have seen the Tesla Model S on the drag strip numerous times, this is the very first time we’ve seen the sole Tesla model on a racetrack. And to our surprise, it performs very well even overtaking a slow moving Porsche 911 at one stage.

Of course, much of this is meaningless considering most Tesla Model S owners will never take their cars to the track. Nevertheless it is interesting to see just how capable it is both in a straight line and around corners!

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