Driving the Saker GT on Monaco Streets

While many have never heard of the Saker GT, we at GTspirit are very familiar with it. As a matter of fact, we had the chance to photograph it in Monaco last year. Now an exciting video has emerged showing an on-board ride in it on the Monaco Formula 1 circuit!

Generally, the Saker GT track day car features a flat-four cylinder engine from the Subaru WRX STi which delivers 320 hp. However, the one featured here is delivering 275 hp. Nevertheless, upon the request of customers, that power can then be lifted to upwards of 400 hp. Combine that potent power with the fact that the Saker GT tips the scales at just 765 kg, the Saker GT can therefore sprint to 62 mph in around 4 seconds and a top speed in excess of 160 mph. The Saker GT is then built around a tubular steel chassis and fiberglass body.

This particular Saker GT features butterfly doors just like the Ferrari Enzo and is also finished in bright red like many Enzos! As the following video shows, the sound of the turbochargers when changing gears is really exciting!

The company behind the Saker GT racer, Saker Sports Cars was founded by Bruce Turnbull and has been producing sports cars since way back in 1989 and the Saker GT is actually produced in the Netherlands alongside the Saker Sprint. While Saker Sports Cars has its origins in New Zealand, the company is now 100% Dutch and has been producing the Saker GT since 2003.

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