Arash Teases Its New Supercar Again Before Imminent Reveal

Following a recent batch of teaser images of the upcoming Arash supercar, one final teaser has been released before the covers are taken off the car tomorrow.

The image you see above provides us with our best look at the design thus far with the darkened front shot revealing some ultra-blue headlights as well as a bright yellow paint finish. It can also be seen that the Arash supercar to be revealed tomorrow will feature blacked out A-pillars and a black roof.

A previous spy shot of the gauges showed that the new British supercar will rev to an extraordinary 9,500 rpm before hitting the red line. Additionally, the speedometer stretches all the way to the fabled 200 mph mark!

Additionally, one other teaser image showed part of the rounded taillight, another showing an embroidered leather emblem on the seat as well as a couple of more head-scratching teases which you may be able to help us decipher!

As for what will power the currently unnamed Arash supercar, it is not yet known what powerplant will be fitted beneath the sleek body. However, as we mentioned, the engine whatever it may be, will likely be mid-engined and driving the rear wheels!

If you cast your minds back, you may remember both the Arash AF-10 LM and Arash AF-10 previously offered by the firm.

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