The summer supercars that visit Europe from continents all over the globe never fail to impress, although the Arab countries have a habit of stealing the show in some style! Todays photo Of The Day showcases a couple of the cars that hit the streets in London and could not help but grab attention wherever they were, in this case the very popular Dorchester Hotel.

First up is an Arabian favourite, a car that focuses on two things, decadence and comfort the Rolls-Royce Ghost. The car is a very common sight on the streets of Knightsbridge, but as you can see, this is no ordinary Ghost. The car has been finished in matte blue, the intricate trademark Rolls stripes along the cars profile, still painted by hand to this very day. Next up is a car that really needs no introduction. Where the Ghost is about comfort and style, the Lamborghini Aventador is about speed, noise and turning heads. This white example looks fantastic with its contrasting black wheels.

Photographer: Zaid Hamid

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