VL Automotive to Offer V8 Conversion for Tesla Model S?

So while the future of Fisker Automotive is still on shaky ground, VL Automotive, partly owned by former General Motors CEO Bob Lutz, seems to be thriving. Last year, it was reported that VL Productions had managed to purchase 25 new Fisker Karmas and was beginning work on their insane V8 powered Destino.

Now while speaking with Detroit News, Lutz has confirmed that the firm will also offer V8 upgrade packages for the Tesla Model S. When quizzed about the possibility, Lutz simply replied “Yes”. While this doesn’t even begin to answer any follow-up questions we’d love to ask, it does at least indicate that VL Automotive is looking towards its next project. Unlike the Fisker Karma which is no longer available meaning the Destino acts as the only alternative for those that fell in love with the design of the original, the regular Model S is already proving popular stock, as an electric car.

VL Automotive Destino

As a result, we can’t imagine many people choosing to buy an electric car like the Model S and then ditching all its environmentally friendly technologies for a big, brutish American V8 powerplant. Nevertheless, if and when it happens, we’re very excited to see the results.

As for the VL Automotive Destino, it will be fitted with a 638 hp supercharged LS9 V8 from the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1. That potent powertrain is then mated to either an automatic and six-speed manual transmission. If that sounds too powerful, the Destino sedan is also available with a 6.2-liter naturally aspirated V8 delivering 450 hp. The same engines are likely to be available for Model S owners if this plan ever comes to fruition.

[Via Detroit News]

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  1. Wow! this just became absurd! The challenges are immense to convert an electric car that's packaged as efficiently as the model S to go backwards and become a gas car! not to mention how horrible the result would be even if it was done. Its like ripping out the front of a BMW and wanting to turn it into a horse carriage! now its not a Bimmer or a decent horse carriage, just a wired mule that never should have existed. Gas crazy people are just good old regular crazy ppl!

  2. No wonder this loser Bob is the the one who out that mediocre Volt on the streets. This is the type of GM official who have consistently flooded America with failed designs. Only him to think Fisker is a good car. I would be embarassed driving that ugly and creep vehicle. Sure loser, go ahead and waste your time on old V8 engines while the rest of us are enjoying benefits of our Tesla and looking forward to more advanced solutions. Loser.


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