Tesla Supercharging Station Launched in Tiny Town on Lusk

With the rolling out of the Tesla supercharger network in full swing across the United States, Europe and starting in Asia, Elon Musk’s once ambitious dreams are certainly coming to fruition. The latest town to receive a Tesla supercharger station is Lusk in Wyoming.

What makes this town unique is the fact that it is the least populated county in the least populated state in the entire United States. Lusk, which has a population of just 1,557 people, faces harsh conditions both during winter and summer and consequently, Ford and Chevrolet trucks are the weapon of choice for locals.

So you may by scratching your heads as to why Tesla decided to install a supercharging station here at the back of the town’s motel’s courtyard? Well, while no Lusk residents currently own a Tesla Model S, the stop will provide a coast-to-coast route of supercharging stations for Model S owners.

Also, residents of Lusk are hoping that the supercharging station will attract a host of wealthy Model S owners to the country from the surrounding area. Additionally, because charging a Model S from a supercharger takes about 45-50 minutes, the town could see a slight boost in business with Model S owners using that time to buy from the local shops.

[Via Northwest Herald]

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