With the end of the year around the corner there is only one question left to answer: What are our favorite cars of the year 2013? As chief editor of GTspirit I have had the opportunity to drive a few interesting cars this year and below you can find my personal top 10 of cars driven in 2013 including a brief description why these cars made it into my top 10.

Sadly GTspirit is still not on every car manufacturers radar so not all brands are represented in this list, but we are working hard to bring even more reviews and experiences next year! Feel free to submit your personal top 10 of cars you drove or liked this year in the comments below! Also take a moment to vote for your favorite cars of 2013 in the GTspirit Awards 2013!

1. Pagani Huayra

The Pagani Huayra possibly offers the ultimate driving experience. Having driven the Zonda before, the biggest fear was a lack of emotion with this new Pagani creation. But thanks to dedication and an amazing eye for detail on Pagani’s part, it is a true dream machine. AMG supplied the amazing engine with turbos that nearly suck you in when you open the windows. If the appearance doesn’t offer enough drama, open the wing doors and jaws will drop in a 50 meter radius instantly. It earned it spot on the top of this list without a doubt.

2. Koenigsegg Agera R

Very few cars are as fast as the Koenigsegg Agera R, holding the world record for fastest car from 0-300-0 km/h in 21.19 seconds. Being blessed enough to replicate the record on Koenigsegg’s private run way in Sweden I can truly say it is one of the few cars that is guaranteed to blow your mind – literally. From an engineering perspective it is the most impressive car I have driven this year, certainly enough to earn a comfortable position in the Top 3.

3. Pagani Zonda

The original! That’s how the Pagani Zonda will go down in the history books. It is not as polished as the Huayra but there is no car with a bigger character than the Pagani Zonda. It is also not an easy car to drive, it will make you work and sweat but it will always keep a smile on your face!

4. Porsche 911 Turbo S

Probably the most perfect car I have driven this year. The new Porsche 911 Turbo S just works and performs flawlessly. Whether you take it on track or to the shops, it is very easy and satisfying to drive. We missed a bit of the emotion and sound we praised the Paganis for, but overall it is a damn good car that will not disappoint.

5. Jaguar F-Type V6

Our experience with the F-Type V6 shows that you not always need more power to have more fun. On paper, the entry-level F-Type is too heavy and losing from its competitors, but behind the wheel this is far from the truth. It is loud, has plenty of character and is a joy to drive. It offers more supercar-feel and appearance for your money than you would expect also, plus everybody seems to love this little Brit!

6. Mercedes S500

You might wonder why the S500 is in this top ten instead of the almighty S63 AMG? There is only one answer possible and that is Magic Body Control. Possibly the automotive innovation of the year, this systems stabilizes the ride using cameras mounted on top of the windshield that provide data to the suspension setup. The results are astonishing. Pair it will all the other luxury the S-class has to offer and we have a winner.. well almost than.

7. Audi RS6

Our favorite autobahn cruiser is back! Skiing trips were never so fast and so much fun as with the new RS6. It has a bit of everything, plenty of space, luxurious interior, powerful engine, good fuel economy (when driven by the EU people that measure this stuff..) and an insane 305 km/h top speed. So we can’t wait until the next excuse to get in one and drive until we run out of fuel money. For our readers from the US where the RS6 is sadly not available; don’t worry the RS7 is practically the same just with a different body.

8. Mercedes E63 S AMG

This car made its way into the top 10 very last minute, so last minute in fact its still in our garage and we haven’t finished the full test yet. The ‘S’ badge is found on a range of vehicles from Mini Coopers to Caymans, but with the Mercedes E63 S AMG, the S feels more like Superleggera or Scuderia than for any other car carrying a S badge: 0-100 km/h: 3.6 seconds. Top speed? 300 km/h. And all that with four people + luggage and in nearly the same comfort as the S-Class. Noteworthy are also the adaptive cruise control and lane assist systems dubbed Distronic Plus, currently the best system on the market.

9. Jaguar XFR-S

The second Jaguar in our top 10 and a true hooligan, the Jaguar XFR-S is very tail happy and loves to let the entire neighborhood know its there. Its not as refined as its German counter-parts but that’s what makes this Jag so attractive; Its raw and different. We had a whole lot of fun with the XFR-S and would recommend anyone looking for a four-door sportscar to give it a try!

10. Porsche Panamera Turbo

Pleasantly surprised by the new Panamera Diesel it is still the Panamera Turbo that gets my blood pumping. No four-door car corners as well as the new Panamera. Porsche deserves respect for the way they made the Panamera handle like a thorough bred sportscar, I dare to say it is faster and handles better than a 996, no even a 997 911. And this bombshell marks the last car of my Top 10 of cars driven in 2013!

Tuning Top 3

1. Hamann Hawk

Loud, louder, loudest: Hamann Hawk! Based on the SLS AMG Roadster the Hamann Hawk is the baddest of cars we have driven this year. In the review we compared the Hawk with the god of the thunder and this is still the best way to describe the Hamann Hawk. It is certainly not the car for the shy! Driving it around Monaco, where every second car is a supercar and residents don’t even look up when a Ferrari Enzo drives by, it is the Hamann Hawk that gets every head turning your way. Enough reason to make it my personal number 1 tuning car of the year!

2. Mansory F12 Stallone

Few companies dare to take on a Ferrari and modify it, however Mansory is one such company and took on the F12. The two tone interior is not directly my cup of tea but the quality of the carbon fiber parts and the interior shows the effort Mansory put in to personalize the F12. Add the engine modifications that make the Mansory F12 even more brain melting than the F12 already is and you have our number two.

3. TechArt GrandGT

TechArt shows what tuning is all about with the TechArt GrandGT based on the second generation Porsche Panamera Turbo. More power, more sound and a unique design. The exterior is always subject to taste, but driving the TechArt creation around Munich and surrounding areas the feedback from other motorists was only positive; people waved and smiled where-ever we went. Performance wise the impressive acceleration and full-bodied sound landed it the third spot in my personal tuning car top 3.

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We would also like to hear your Top 10 Cars of 2013! Post them in the comments below or send your Top 10 to us via email!

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