Christmas parties after work always tend to follow a similar pattern. Everyone arrives late, they eat average food, drink plenty of alcohol and get a little tipsy before embarrassing themselves in front of their bosses.

Ferrari, however, are a very different organisation and this week they held a Christmas party at their HR Owen showroom in the trendy area of South Kensington…it was superb. In typical Ferrari fashion everything was done with class and style and none come as classy or as stylish as the cars they filled the showroom with! They HR Owen group drafted in the most legendary cars they could find, the 288 GTO, F40, F50 and a gorgeous Enzo.

Whilst Champagne was being sipped and typically chilled out music played, guest milled around four of the most desirable and historic cars the Italian marque ever built, cars that cannot be matched for sheer beauty and presence by the cars of today.

The part was not just exclusive to the cars inside the showroom either. The HR Owen group also a number of other showrooms in the UK and parked a Mosler and a aggressive looking golden yellow Lamborghini Aventador outside that swiftly attracted quite a crowd.

A huge thanks to HR Owen and Toni for hosting the memorable party! Stay tuned for a story on the Lamborghini Christmas party that was also hosted by HR Owen at Lamborghini Pangbourne on the very same night.


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